Carol Ballantyne

“It’s been many years since I did any exercise. One day after weighing myself & being upset with my size, I decided it was time to get it sorted.

“I checked out the Ranch it looked like a great place, so decided I would give it a go. I booked a class and went along. My first impressions were good so off I went to a few more classes. It was during those classes that I decided to book myself onto the Ranch Revival 12 week weight loss programme.

“So, 12 weeks ago I embarked on my weight loss journey. The Revival programme really isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about food, eating right, exercise, self motivation/determination & the will to succeed.

“The will to succeed was a big part of my journey for lots of reasons, but especially for Anton. I couldn’t have achieved my results without him. He’s motivated me & given me the belief that I can do it, he even lets me have a gin & tonic or two!

“Never once have I felt low, his drive & determination gave me the inspiration to carry on, failure for him & then for me was not an option.

“I’ve lost a stone, dropped a dress size & amazingly I’ve lost 4.5 inches around my dreaded middle. I’ve loved every minute of my revival programme. If I’m honest, I’m sad that it’s finished. However, I need to exchange my PT session for shopping for my new wardrobe!”