Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

with Corporate Events

Attract the right people to your company with corporate Events

We offer Corporate Events

As far as experiences go we think we have the answer to building your best team ever! We offer Corporate Events Creating the Dream Team.

Imagine being part of a really engaging, creative team. A team that has built a high level of internal communication. This is possible because you have made the connections with work mates and yes, management. These are vital, healthy relationships that get the job done and more importantly, get the job done with smiles on their faces! Everyone is looking for the ‘Happy Place’, the ‘Pursuit of Happiness’. Corporate Events can do this within your workforce.

How about creating leaders that lead from both behind as well as in front? When presented with challenges your team call on and rely on one another to use their unique strengths and skills. That is a recipe for success!

How many of your team do you really know? Do you make it easy for them to present any of their ideas?

Creating the right vibe the right work environment could be just the answer to a more fulfilling and successful day, week, month and year. Year in year out.

You’ll soon be recognized as the sought after company. The company with the best team players. You will have a waiting list of ideal candidates determined to work with you. You will always be creating the Dream Team. Imagine being known as the company that can

  • Boost team morale
  • Encourage creativity
  • Create team relationships and interaction

Be active, engaging and supportive and participate in what your team needs. Offering Corporate Events makes you an active player in creating and achieving this.

Collaboration and teamwork with Corporate Events

If you want to travel fast, go alone.

If you want to travel far go together.

When you appreciate your team you embrace their uniqueness, their voice, their talents and know you have been part of building something that is sustainable.

This is working on the level of emotional intelligence and with the valuable participation of your team.

A company that can reach out to its employees with this innovative style of team building can look forward to a significant decrease in absenteeism. Research has concluded that when employees are motivated and morale is enhanced they are less likely to suffer from stress and as a result fewer days are lost to illness.

Thus, what appears to be on the surface no more than a fitness challenge or fun day out runs deeper in its overall effect. You are more likely to:-

  • Retain staff
  • Reduce continual recruitment campaigns and training costs
  • Turn over more productively
  • Turn over more profits

We love what we do at The Ranch Fitness Retreat and hope you do to?

We Create Bespoke Team Building Packages

Not all companies have the same needs when it comes to Corporate Packages for team building days; this is why we create bespoke packages that are fitting for your needs. You tell us your objectives and we come in on target with a package to fit your profile and we offer follow up!

We are local to you, yet remote enough you’ll forget where you are. We are set in 30 acres of countryside and woodland. Our health and fitness complex is custom built with on-site massage therapists . This is an additional touch to Corporate Packages and rewarding for your teams commitment and their overall experience.

To receive a massage or a treatment has always been seen as the luxury end of the market. We believe at The Ranch it is a vital ingredient for preventative health issues and an assured way of combating existing or underlying health and fitness issues.

Catering for groups of 20+ we include Indoor and Outdoor activities as part of our Corporate Event Packages.

These packages can be stand alone, or you may want to extend your introduction with The Ranch Fitness Retreat. This extension can be an incentive based programme for your team, a longer, lasting commitment with the promise of a new lifestyle that is sure to challenge them. We are here to collaborate with you in the immediate and long term future.

After all,

If it doesn’t challenge you,

It doesn’t change you

Challenges for a healthier and fitter lifestyle with Corporate Events

Engage in Change

Today’s workplace is all about change and people generally fear change. When change is managed badly don’t be surprised if your efforts are challenged or opposed.

Changes need the whole workforce to be engaged. You will have already been building the foundations with your Corporate Team Building Event Days. Your work force audience will be more responsive because you have developed a more creative form of communicating and developing ideas. You have made it easier for others to express themselves without it becoming confrontational.

Personal growth won’t be the issue, you’ve already made the first step and taken everyone out of their comfort zone. And let’s face it a comfort zone may be a beautiful thing, but nothing ever grow there!

Magic Happens outside the comfort zone with Corporate events

We are part of

  • Your VISION

With an open minded approach we are focused and keep the purpose of the event in perspective. Trust in us to develop and strengthen team and management relationships. It may have been the only time you have been together on this level. Management barriers are broken down and it’s a rewarding, authentic experience with the realization, yes, we are all just human.

It’s important to us that your team build their self esteem (alongside their health and fitness goals) and that the Management are encouraged to be flexible with their approach and to support leadership and avoid negativity.

Leaders SEE, they FEEL, they CHANGE

With all this positivity in the air you know this is the true vibe.

‘Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe’

Positivity feels good and by increasing this in the workplace you have a happier, healthier team.

Corporate Events will commence with our company and yours

We just ask you arrive with an open mind and let the fun begin!