David Wilson 

“Needing a change from my normal routine & feeling that I needed a spark to shake up my fitness, I contacted Anton to learn more about training / services offered at The Ranch. From this initial contact with Anton I knew I had the right man, fast forward 12 months & 3 stone weight loss later the results show I wasn’t wrong and if anything my opinion has grown…. At The Ranch you have access to many fitness avenues to help achieve your goals – scheduled classes, boot-camps, personal guided gym sessions & gym access… my own experience has been personal guided gym sessions.

I was firstly impressed by organisation & attention to detail Anton applied to me as a new member – tailored exercise plan to suit your goals & detailed meals plan to help you achieve this along the way. I have been member of other gyms that offered nowhere near this “induction” service.

The class & gym facilities are second to none, this allows for friendly interaction between all members whatever fitness journey you are on and this is all based in the exclusive & welcoming surroundings of The Ranch.

I have achieved many personal goals in my 12 months at The Ranch through hardwork but I couldn’t have dreamed of the progress I have made…. I feel fitter, stronger & faster than I have ever been in my life.

A big thanks goes out to Anton for this as he has not only created a program & environment at The Ranch that makes you want achieve the best you can for yourself, he also supports & challenges you to discover new potential that you could have thought previous wasn’t possible. It has been a worthwhile & exciting lifestyle change for myself visiting The Ranch & is something I would recommend to anyone looking for their own spark like I was. Here’s to the future goals & the hustle!”