“This week I have successfully completed the 12 week weight loss & toning program, losing 40 lbs which I’m extremely happy with.

“The diet itself hasn’t been as bad as I anticipated & has been easy to follow. At the beginning of the program, Anton gave me a list of foods that he recommended I should be eating & by following this, I was able to plan my meals for the day.

“Writing down what I was eating & handing it in at the end of the week when I was weighed was a great way of monitoring my eating habits!

“The hardest thing was giving up my wine at the weekend, but it had to be done.

“The biggest thing was definitely the exercise. As a person who did not enjoy exercise, to now be at the level I am is truly unbelievable. In fact, I enjoy it so much now that I am doing 3 boot camps, personal training & exercise classes every week!

“This change in life style has made me feel so much healthier, fitter & much more confident in myself. I’d recommend this programme to anyone, whatever your age or fitness level, if I can do this, I’m sure you can.

“I’d like to say a big thank you to Anton for all the hard work he’s done with me over the last 12 weeks. I couldn’t have done this without all of his support, encouragement & patience (of which he has lots). There have been some laughs along the way.

“Also, Id like to thank everyone at boot camp for their support. I’m now so determined to keep up this new healthier life style, feel good about myself & not fall into my old habits.”

Elaine has gone on to lose a further 16lbs (4 stones in total).