Julie Todd Weight Loss

Julie Todd

“It took an impending milestone birthday to bring me to my senses. Nothing else puts your lifestyle into focus just as well. Like most people, I know how to lose weight, its simply about eating the right things and burning more calories, quite simply healthy eating and an active lifestyle. The hard part was actually doing it! I started with the 12 week Revival Package and it was great to get specific sensible dietary advice that worked for me, I was eating a well-balanced diet of things I enjoyed. Anton asked the questions, made up the eating plans and they worked.

I have lost two stone and I couldn’t be happier (and it really hasn’t been that hard) After 12 weeks Anton carried out the body fat test again, all the weight I had lost was body fat, this was a real incentive to keep going and confirmation that Anton’s dietary plans work.

Exercise has also been key and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the classes I’ve attended since starting at the Ranch. The personal training sessions have also been great. Anton knows what he’s doing and you feel you are in safe hands, you are worked hard, challenged but most of all supported. I had no intention of carrying on after the initial 12 week package but losing weight and getting fit has become a little addictive. My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner”