Kirsti Duffin 

“I completed my 12 week revival plan this week & have lost a total of 2 stones & 13lbs.  I’m extremely happy with these results as I never thought I would do this well.

“Being a person who has NEVER exercised, I was really apprehensive about joining the programme, but after my consultation with Anton & my first boot camp session, I felt more at ease. I love all of the classes & actually can’t wait to go to them now.

“The Diet was an important factor in the revival programme & Anton gave me a list of foods that he recommended I eat.

“Each week I handed in my food sheet for Anton to give advice about what was good & bad about it. This really helped me as over the weeks, I was then able to choose healthier options myself.

“Now that I’ve finished my 12 weeks, I’m much happier & healthier thanks to the amazing help from Anton who continued to support me throughout. 

“I don’t think I could’ve done it without his support & advice. Anton has a lot of patience which is definitely needed when working with me.

“I’d recommend this programme to anyone who wants to loose weight as you get one-to-one support throughout which motivates you to achieve your goals. I’ve now continued to be a member of The Ranch & have continued with my PT sessions also.”