Lauren Gilooly 

“I’ve always struggled with losing weight. It’s been a constant challenge throughout my life.

“I had tried going to the gym before, but it never worked. I’d heard my friends talking about an outdoor boot camp & I though I’d give it a go. The very first boot camp I attended was amazing.

“Anton was very friendly & took extra time to explain each exercise to me. I was in the process of planning my wedding & was excited to become a member of The Ranch & begin my weight loss.

“Anton was a fantastic support throughout my journey. He helped with my diet, adjusting my calorie intake every couple of weeks as I was losing weight.

“I went to bootcamps, classes & personal training. The ranch became a very positive part of my life & I really enjoyed my time there.

“I also liked the unique setting & the extensive modern facilities. When my wedding day came I’d lost 2 stones & was able to stand in front of the photographer & feel confident. I would highly recommend The Ranch to anyone who wants to loose weight or simply lead a healthier lifestyle.”