Nichola Brannan

“I started coming to the ranch in August 2015 to try the outdoor boot camps. I really enjoyed the exercise & atmosphere at these classes, so I decided to give the others a go. After speaking to other members at the class & hearing how beneficial they found personal training, I decided take out the 12 week ranch revival.

“At my initial consultation, Anton carried out a full body composition & analysis. From this, we were able to set my goals for the next 12 weeks. I was shocked to be starting on 2300 calories per day, however Anton assured me this was the correct way to achieve my goal of 24 pounds in 12 weeks.

“I started off by attending 3-4 classes a week along with my one personal training session. Each week in my personal training session, I’d hand in my food diary which Anton would then look over & make necessary adjustments for the following week.

“This ensured I was losing weight consistently every single week. I was never hungry & on VERY HIGH CALORIES! I couldn’t believe it!

“After 12 weeks, I surpassed my initial goal & have lost 1 stone & 8lbs. I’ve lost 5 ½ inches from my waist & 3 from my hips.

“I’d never have managed to achieve this without Anton. His advice, direction & dedication to helping me achieve my goals were second to none.

“I’d recommend The Ranch to everyone, I’ve made so many friends & it’s an atmosphere like no other gym!”