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Retreat Massages


We are delighted to announce the official opening of our Retreat Massages! Massages are ready to book at The Ranch Retreat.

Retreat Massages have been a much sought after and requested service by our existing clients. In addition we are sure they will be in demand by everyone located around us. Everyone that is looking to take control of their health & well-being. We have an extensive menu of treatments available and will tailor treatments to your individual needs.

Our Ranch Fitness Retreat is a purposefully built complex set in 30 acres of countryside and woodland. Our convenient central location makes us really accessible for you, yet when you arrive you’ll feel like you are in remote countryside.

Which strikes me to quote the poem by John Muir, it goes as;

John Muir out is in Mindfully


Being connected with the environment and taking a break from your day to day routine is nourishing for your Mind & Body. You need to make a conscious decision to allow time for this daily. You’ll undoubtedly thank yourself and ultimately feel an element of happiness.

When you realize your body needs this connection with nature, you are integrated in a deeper understanding of yourself as a whole. Massage is the connection with yourself on all four bodily levels.

Physical – Psychological (Emotional) – Mental – Spiritual. When we lose this communication with ourselves we have disconnection and ultimately the dis-ease of our body sets in.


 Su Moon and Stars Adam Michelangelo. Retreat Massages

Metaphorically speaking The Ranch is the Sun and the Moon; we are a little bit of Yin and a little bit of Yang. The hard and the soft. We have brought our services together to create a unique package all wrapped up in the pairing of FITNESS and THERAPIES that leaves us reaching for the stars.

So what appears to be opposing is really connected, we complement your whole being and are here to make sure you are receiving the best solutions for a happier, healthier you with Retreat Massages. It’s all about creating the perfect balance.

A MASSAGE IS NOT A LUXURY!A Massage is Not a Luxury Retreat Massages

Listen to this message loud and clear. A massage really is not a luxury. It might feel like it when you are receiving one, but we want you to know the real reasons you should be having a massage.

The Physical Benefits of Massage

  • Reducing or Eliminating Pain
  • Improving Joint Mobility/Flexibility
  • Release Nerve Compression
  • Improving Circulation
  • Improving Lymphatic Drainage
  • Increase Energy/Vitality Levels
  • Can Lower Heart Rate & Blood Pressure
  • Help Headaches

On an Emotional Level Massage may be

Beneficial for Your Behaviour                 

  • Can Make Changes in Eating Habits
  • Control Angry Outbursts
  • Can Help with Addictions (e.g.Smoking)
  • Help with Social Interaction

Beneficial for Your Mood

  • Help Reduce Stress Levels
  • Help Control Anxiety Levels
  • Can Create More Focus & Motivation
  • Can Alleviate Depressions
  • Can Eliminate Irritability
  • Encourage Relaxation, Improve Sleep

These benefits are your staring point for considering regular massages.

Retreat Massages

We have a varied selection of treatments as one size does not fit all! How one person responds to a treatment is different to how the next person responds. We all have preferences as well, so you are safe in the knowledge that the therapists will tailor a treatment for your needs. A good therapist is always listening to the needs of your body. The communication should flow easily between you in order to receive the most optimal results.

You can choose to pay as you go, or benefit from one of the Membership Packages for Retreat Massages ranging from Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. The packages bring with them the added benefits of discounted treatments and discount on your Fitness Package or classes.

Remember you are aiming to prevent dis-ease of your body by having regular treatments.

It makes perfect sense to add a massage to your week when you are working out. Your recovery will be quicker. You will be less likely to suffer from Sports related injuries and muscle tension. You will become stronger and achieve your physical results quicker.


It’s what’s in the inside that counts. You might be working on your appearance on the Fitness side of things. Yes, I want to encourage that fully!! You also need to consider what is happening on the inside. To maintain the exterior in a healthy way you need to create the building blocks for this. Your body will become depleted, lack lustre and you might begin to feel the effects of fatigue.

You need to boost the following RE:


Cleanse with a massage

A healthy outside starts from the inside.

Massage helps to remove the toxins and blockages that accumulate in your body.

On the plus side your will boost your metabolism.


Retreat Massage Packages

Life is a balance between rest and movement.

Give your body what it needs. It needs to heal on a psychological and physical level to bring a sense of calm.

On the plus side you will boost your mind and emotions.


Energize with a Retreat Massage

Re-energize your cells, recharge your life.

On the plus side you will definitely have more energy, and improve your sleep quality.


Massage connects your mind body spirit and soul

Your body’s ability to heal itself is greater than anyone ever permitted you to believe.

On the plus side you will boost other areas of your life,  your relationships, work, fitness levels and fun. Endorphins will be released in your body when you have a treatment the same way exercise does this.

Not to scare you off, but if you are storing a lot of debris physically and emotionally it will be released. When you begin to receive regular Retreat Massages the new you will emerge.


The happier, healthier version of yourself.


A little bit of motivation from Zig Zigler

Look after your body with massage now




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