20 resons for sending your kid to summer camp

20 Reasons for Sending Your Kid to Summer Camp

We have compiled  20 reasons for sending your kid to Summer Camp and I bet you can connect with at least half of them! This summer don’t wait for the drone of ‘I’m Bored’ setting in, take action now. The Ranch have launched the first year of their Kids Summer Boot Camp and its going to be super fun and amazing.

Going through the list you will be amazed at the true benefits Camp time can offer your Child and the shaping of their futures.

Today’s generation have an array of sensory stimulation. At Camp it is a perfect time to take back some ownership of how your child interacts with its environment. Kids’ attention spans are becoming more diminished and they need developed, otherwise they will become spectators in their own learning. So here we go with 20 Reasons for Sending Your Kid to Summer Camp:

  1. Disconnect from Electronics

Adults are as guilty as the kids, but this is a chance for a real break from Social Media, Electronic Devices and Smart Phones. This is a much more productive way to spend the day, rather than being indoors in front of the TV. As parents you could probably do with some Camp time as well!

  1. Get Them Out of Their Comfort Zone

Trying new things is the road to self discovery and along the way they will be finding passions, skills and talents they never knew they had and may choose to pursue. Kids say they are bored as soon as they try something new, no more, they won’t have time to think about hitting us with that statement.

Only boring people get bored!

  1. Kid’s Need to Escape Their Parents!

As much as the Parents are looking for a break, so too are the kids. The school holidays are a long time to be cooped up together with no respite!

  1. Childhood Experiences of Playing Outdoors

It is sad reality many kids just don’t play outdoors these days. This is either through fear of safety, lack of outdoor playing space or lack of interest in what happens away from their Computers.

Being outdoors is where the real magic happens. Here is the opportunity for creative play and where imaginations are nurtured.  Creative imaginations are what is required for learning.

Creativity is Intelligence having fun 20 Reasons for Sending Your Kid to Summer Camp

  1. Be Active

An obvious one in our game it had to make the 20 Reasons for Sending Your Kid to Summer Camp though! Fitness is Fun and at The Ranch lies a full week of Sporting Activity.  On the plus side an active child is more likely to be an active adult, its habit forming.

  1. Develop Social Skills

Children’s social skills are age appropriate and unique to them, they bring their own set of values and self awareness. These skills develop with effective communication and when a child feels connected and safe. Manners cost nothing they say, so we start there.  We will encourage positive interaction and appropriate behaviour.

  1. Kids with Self-Esteem

When a child learns a new skill or realizes just how capable they are they start to feel good about themselves and you will see them flourish as they are learning and growing.

  1. Independent Kids

Each camp member will be taking it in turns to prepare and make healthy, delicious snacks and lunch. The kids will develop organizing and time managing skills alongside personal responsibility.

At camp, children learn the responsibility of making their own decisions with the security of Camp Leaders. They quickly grasp and understand more about themselves in the process.

  1. Instils Leadership Skills

Good Leaders are taught emotional intelligence in their approaches to leading. They will be seen to lead in front and behind their teams. Children balanced with these qualities will be less inclined to follow peer pressures and they themselves are fantastic examples for other kids in empowerment.

Camp teaches children to communicate, to work together as part of a team and to be leaders.

With the responsibility of leading and teamwork they will be more willing to share, listen and participate.

Teenagers in circle working together. 20 Reasons for Sending Your Kid to Summer Camp

  1. Make New Friends

    New friends become old friends and these can be friends they never would have had the opportunity to meet in their own environments. Camps bring together a real range of kids and these relationships are bound together very quickly.

    They are pushed into situations of meeting new people and forming relationships that in turn can become future friends. Putting themselves out there gives them more confidence.

    Communicating with Camp Leaders is a more informal setting than school or clubs they are members of. These adults communicate and relate on a different level and you often see them becoming positive role models in the eyes of your kids.20 Reasons to Send Kids to Summer Camp

  2. Children Facing Challenges

In a safe environment a child will be more inclined to take more risks. Camp sets them up to realize their goals and visions; they help them work hard towards these without giving them un-natural pressures.

  1. Builds Character

Do you want your child to be more kind and understanding? Have conviction in what they believe morally and ethically? Camp helps foster these traits in your child and all you see in this list are what is shaping and strengthening the character of your child.

  1. Flourish in Nature

The Ranch is set in 30 acres of secured countryside and woodland. This is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature and experience time outdoors enriching mind and body.

  1. Kids Develop Interests

After camp is over your kid may decide to try out an activity and develop it. This might not have been obvious to them before.

  1. Encourage Kids To Make Choices

They will actively engage in discussion and teamwork and take ownership of decisions they make that will affect themselves and others. Here real problem solving skills are set into action and practice.

  1. Occupy Your Kids Summer

Summer holidays are a long time for parents and kids. The Ranch isn’t a babysitting service, but yes you will be safe in the knowledge they are in good hands. When they are with us they will be having lots of fun guaranteed

  1. Makes Lasting Memories

With these memories they will take all these experiences that shaped them and these will remain with them as adults. So these lasting memories are focused on being the most positive and empowering if they are going to impact their futures.

  1. Kids Holistic Learning

This is the perfect environment to learn holistically. Everyone has a preferred style of learning and communicating. At Camp the opportunity to express and identify their learning preferences is vital for their future and gives them insight as to their particular learning strengths.

  1. Kids with Gratitude and Appreciation

The subtleties are present in the eyes of your child every day. If you encourage you children to be sensitive to the feelings of others and grateful for everything they have in life you have given them one of life’s greatest lessons.

A child observes how their parents and others behave and will copy and repeat. Become aware of the message you send them and we at Camp will be at your back duplicating it. A child that is never satisfied with what they have will go through life with continual disappointments.

  1. Follow Rules

Oops, it’s a sad fact but there are always going to be some rules. Some are flexible some are fixed! 20 Reasons for Sending Your Kid to Summer Camp had to feature the rules somewhere, so we sneaked them in at the end!

Do you want your child’s attention span to be as long as their age?

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